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登记总费用:${{totalAmount}}美元 Total Registration Fee US${{totalAmount}} 登记总费用:{{totalAmount}}人民币 Total Registration Fee RMB¥{{totalAmount}}
{{body.formtips[15]}} {{item.no}}. {{isLangEn?item.companyNatureEn:item.companyNatureCn}} CHINACOAT SFCHINA {{body.formtips[19]}} {{body.formtips[20]}}
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{{isLangEn?'ADMISSION RULES & REGULATIONS FOR GROUND SHOW':'广州实体展览会入场规则'}} 1.  {{isLangEn?'About the Ground Show held in Guangzhou on Dec 8 - 10:':'有关广州实体展:'}} a.  {{isLangEn?'According to the requirements of the Chinese Government about infection prevention, all Visitors must register under real-name authentication system and schedule their visit in advance. Moreover, Visitors should bring their original and valid ID Cards / travel documents for onsite verification. Otherwise they will not be admitted.':'因应中国政府对疫情防控要求,所有出席展览会的观众必须提前实名预约登记。观众所填写的姓名必须与本人身份证/旅行证件一致,并携带相关证件原件(不接受照片或复印件)到现场进行核对,确定证件信息与登记信息一致后方可进场参观。没有提前实名预约及未携带身份证明文件者将不能进场参观。'}} b.  {{isLangEn?'Visitor E-Passes are strictly personalized and non-transferable.':'「观众电子证」仅限登记者本人使用,不得转让或给予他人使用。'}} c.  {{isLangEn?'Visitors are required to have their body temperature and Suikang Code (i.e., Guangzhou Health Code, please apply in advance) checked before entering exhibition halls. Please wear masks at all times.':'观众进馆前必须通过体温检测及穗康码查验(请提前注册穗康码),并全程佩戴口罩。'}} {{body.bottomtips[8]}} 1.  {{isLangEn?'The Organizer reserves the right to refuse registration or admission of any persons at its sole discretion.':'主办单位保留为维护展览会整体利益拒绝不相关人士登记或持有效用户名称和密码的观众登入浏览线上虚拟版的权利。'}} 2.  {{isLangEn?'Each email address or mobile number only allows registration once, and the login information is strictly personalised and can only accommodate one login at a time.':'同一电邮或手机号码只允许一人次登记, 登记用户名称和密码仅限登记者本人使用,不得转让或给予他人使用。'}} 3.  {{isLangEn?'Below Visitor Registration information will be disclosed to exhibitors on a needed basis:':'主办单位将按需要向参展商披露以下观众注册信息:'}} i.  {{isLangEn?'When you are browsing a specific exhibitor’s page, your name, company name and job title will be disclosed to that specific exhibitor.':'浏览参展商页面时, 您的姓名, 公司名称及职位将会向参展商披露;'}} ii.  {{isLangEn?'When you add a specific exhibitor to your favourite list, or add a specific exhibitor’s name card to your favourite list, downloading a specific exhibitor’s promotion material, or starting a chat with a specific exhibitor, your name, company name and job title will be disclosed to that specific exhibitor.':'收藏参展商页面或名片、下载参展商页的宣传档案、与参展商展开对话时,您的姓名, 公司名称及职位将会向参展商披露;'}} iii.  {{isLangEn?'When you are watching a specific exhibitor’s live streaming or playback session, your name, company name and job title will be disclosed to that specific exhibitor.':'观看参展商直播或回播时, 您的姓名, 公司名称及职位将会向参展商披露;'}} iv.  {{isLangEn?'When you are watching a specific live or playback webinar, your name, company and job title will be disclosed to that specific webinar exhibitor.':'观看技术讲座直播或回播时, 您的姓名, 公司名称及职位将会向参展商披露;'}} 4.  {{isLangEn?'The Organiser shall not be liable or responsible to any disputes that may arise or occur between visitors and exhibitors.':'主办单位对观众与参展商之间可能发生的任何纠纷一概不负责。'}} {{body.bottomtips[9]}} a.  {{body.bottomtips[10]}} b.  {{body.bottomtips[11]}} c.  {{body.bottomtips[12]}} d.  {{body.bottomtips[13]}}